Evolver Network Podcast: Water Cycles with Andrew Stocker, Jacob Aman and Casey Greenling

image by the U.S. Geological Survey

image by the U.S. Geological Survey

This 2-part episode of the Evolver Network talks about Earth’s water cycles and how we can care for them. We are joined by two Evolver Network Sporeganizers who are practicing environmental scientists, and guest Casey Greenling.


Water Cycles – Part 1 gives an overview of the hydrologic cycle – how water cycles on land, underground, and in the atmosphere. Andrew and Jacob describe case studies from their work in New Mexico and California, in places where groundwater has been contaminated and needs to be remediated. They discuss how industrial pollution can filter down several thousand feet into drinking water, and what chemical and natural filtering processes can be used to address it. We also touch on the complexities of public policy for corporate responsibility for caring for the water, since water connects across state, county and national borders. Different industries have different lobbies and regulations. Jacob brings in his permaculture wisdom to share methods of using living plant filters to maintain healthy watersheds.


In Water Cycles – Part 2 Casey begins by discussing spring water and the more mystical side of our relationship with water. We touch on water vortexing and physics research about the structure of water, as well as recent scientific research about water in cosmic space weather! Andrew gives an example of how to create your own water filter using clay and other natural materials where you live.


This podcast ranges from the microscopic to large systems, please enjoy!


The theme for the Evolver Network this solstice is Deep Dive, the Ocean and Our Planetary Psyche. Evolvers worldwide are hosting events to educate about local watersheds, and provide a community space to explore our symbolic connection with water. Water connects humans across the globe, and in many cultures is seen as representative of intuition and dreams. In industrial society and urban living, people are often separated from natural water cycles. Deep Dive aims to inspire people to reconnect with and care for water as a community.


As a staff scientist for Weber, Hayes and Associates, Jacob Aman has conducted research and reconnaissance for dozens of environmental assessments of properties located throughout California. Mr. Aman also assists with larger release investigation assessments, including data analysis, report writing and funding support. Jacob is also an artist and permaculturalist.


Andrew Stocker is a geologist and environmental scientist working in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Andrew has been an Evolver Sporeganizer for four years. He is also an artist and rewilder.


Casey Greenling is a visionary artist, potter and chef who is part of Evolver Santa Fe.



Click here to listen, right click to download:


Water Cycles – Part 1


Water Cycles – Part 2


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